By Abigail Zvandasara


For 8 months only, 6200 women
Psychological, physical, sexual abuse they were given
March to November was painful for them
Movement restricted, they just had to endure

It was his wife or his niece or his maid
He shouted and screamed and sneered at her
His cousin or his daughter or a stranger
He slapped and punched and scratched her

She trusted her father and her cousin and her uncle
He cursed and spat and taunted her
She loved her husband and her boyfriend and her neighbour
He raped and choked and killed her

Number 1 was kicked because he was drunk
Number 17 slapped because he lost trust
Number 300 was punched because he got tired of her
Number 4999 killed because he just wanted the marriage over

Number 13 was spat on when she asked him for money
Number 43 raped as her uncle said “come here honey”
Number 878 was slandered when she said no to him
Number 3768 beaten when she tried to run from them

When she tried to run, he caught her
And when she hid, he found her
When she tried to fight back, he overpowered her
And when she tried to survive, he destroyed her

She is stuck between a rock and a hard place
COVID-19 versus the male race
Two enemies raging against her
Pandemic or mandemic, which will end her?

GBV hotlines Zim:
Musasa Project: 08080074
Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA): 08080131
Childline: 116


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