IMUNZI Project

IMUNZI is a collaborative project between three partners: International Medical Cooperation Committee (IMCC), United Children of Africa (UNICA) and Zimbabwe Medical Student’s Association (ZIMSA).

Since 2014, the project has worked towards lowering the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among youth in Zimbabwe. In its modified form, since 2019, it has become a double-pronged project that still emphasizes on HIV awareness but also pivots to introduce mental health disorders related to living with HIV. The project uses peer to peer education, boot camps, sports tournaments, workshops, essay competitions, arts tournaments and advocacy to reach the young people of Zimbabwe in an effort to promote good health and wellbeing of the youth

The International Medical Cooperation Committee (IMCC)

The International Medical Cooperation Committee (IMCC) is a voluntary youth organization that works with health promotion in Denmark and abroad. It has approximately 1900 volunteers. Through a variety of health promotion activities, projects and international partnerships they inform, teach and debate different health issues, creating changes for civil society and local communities.

They have a rights-based approach in health promotion work and work with the UN´s 17 Sustainable Development goals. The purpose of the health promotion activities is described in the vision:”IMCC works to create a just world where everyone has equal access to health services and physical, mental and social well-being.”

United Children of Africa (UNICA)

United Children of Africa (UNICA) is an organisation in Zimbabwe based in Victoria Falls that is aimed at raising the awareness on HIV/AIDS issues and support HIV infected, affected and disabled children. They are also focused on creating opportunities for the development of underprivileged children through psychosocial initiatives.

They have capacitated children and youth by establishing vocational centres where they have armed these children with knowledge about issues to do with HIV/AIDS. In addition to this they have so far managed to engage on income generating projects to ensure sustainable income in order to facilitate development of youth entrepreneurs. All this eventually boils down to their major vision which is to create a confident, successful, empowered young generation in Africa.

The Zimbabwe Medical Students Association (ZIMSA)

he Zimbabwe Medical Students Association (ZIMSA) is an organisation that acts as a representative body for all medical students studying in Zimbabwe. It’s aimed at creating a forum for these students to discuss topics related to the fields of medical education, medical ethics and medical research.

In addition to this it strives to medical students a platform to give back to the community using their acquired skills and knowledge. They have managed to accomplish some of these objectives by cooperating with other student associations and any other like-minded organisations locally and internationally.